A reason for a story untold is for the listener to make an ending of their own.

The Traveller : “I did and I was, but never on a Tuesday. There were five of them but I lost one and now I have two. Do you know what I mean?”

The Protector: “One went on its own and the other was given.”

The Traveller : “They never do tell you, given or owned it’s 5 o’clock, my shoes don’t fit and someone stole my wall. By the way who was it that left before they came?”

The Protector : “The time will pass and for ones own comfort remove your shoes. The wall removed is now a new destination for you, but will you chose to see this or once again use another wall to block such a precious view?

The person that left, was without name but in its place gave their time more precious perhaps and more memorable indeed.”

And so the story begins…..

Beyond the wall is a sacred tree in a field filled with wild flowers and beyond the tree a lane. If ones journey should take one down the lane, a person name or no name will find a brook that babbles, the sort of babble that one can sit and listen to forever and a day and never grow weary of. Shoes are not necessary here as the grass is so soft and lush beneath your feet.

Wall or no wall there is nothing that can block this view so precious from ones mind once you have per chance to see it……. yes memorable indeed.

From this memory a new place does exist, for each journey is to ones own pace. The steps to take can vary. Some are many and some are few.

The Protector : “Do you stay by that brook, to rest a moment to relax and enjoy the view? Or will you take another step, further ahead, take a new journey, for stories yet untold, for the fresh pages of a new book.

Neither passage is wrong and if you close your eyes and listen, the path ahead will become less obscure.”

And so it happens that something is happening here. Something has been placed, another taken away. Does this change the path ahead? The change has not yet gone unnoticed by the person to whom we point.

The Protector : “Will you seek and ask why? Will you accept it as something that must occur? For all has it’s reason, what will yours be….

Memorable and appreciated in its true form, your view has become more desirable and one can now reach, touch the grass and listen as fewer and fewer do. While you gently walk upon the grass, listen!
There is something to be heard from the babbling brook.”

In the sound of the brook there whispers the song of dreams, as the dreams unfold, so does the path. Blind folded the seeker journeys forward trusting the unseen hand that reaches forth and guides the way. The path less taken is the path more adventurous and though yet it may be fraught with danger, but what would a life be without challenges.

Time see the traveller relaxed and well rested and the brook is n’er left behind but carried within as a reminder of the person un-named who chance to be so bold as to face the scorn of so bitter a soul and to take the wall away and reveal the way setting the caged spirit free to soar.

So now wall is far gone since it has been removed, there is yet another path, up further by the woods. It is unclear as to what is there.

The Protector : “Take a few steps further and listen for it is true, some paths must be trodden not in haste but in care… so take care not in what you say but what you do.

The calm of the scene will still be here for you, but to truly appreciate it you must go on this journey, a revelation is in store for you.

Take not but the items set beside you, for you must care-take them and place them anew. The timing and place is as unclear as the woods.

The decision is yours, reach in deep and the place and timing will come clear for you.

Forgive the un-named, his journey is now complete, for he was set his task and now his task is met.”

The woods are dark and not a torch or lantern is amongst those things beside the traveller. Fear begins to arise and so to does the whisper of the dream and the path begins to unfold again. In the traveller’s mind the path begins to illuminate and is seen clearly ahead as the unseen hand guides the way. Slowly and wearily the traveller moves well into the forest leaving the past world far behind while the path continue to radiate ahead. A path never travelled by one so uneducated as the traveller and gradually the woods swallow the light in the wake of the journey. There is no longer a way to retreat, least the traveller be lost forever in the inky blackness of the woods, so onward the traveller must journey.

The Protector : “Fear not traveller, for fear will hide your way. Again to guide yourself you must listen. Hear clearly to what the dark and mysterious woods say. For amongst their gnarled and twisted branches bear the fair lives of creatures whom unseen will light your way.

Though hard the path is to journey, much for you will be gained. Awaken your desire for adventure and your thirst will save the day. Remember that the path is deliberate and it’s pathway askew. This not the place to tread as you would normally do. Take what is unbidden and you will go astray.”

The weary traveller rests his head for a while safe in the knowledge that he is being protected by the woodland creatures. Dreams of adventure fill his head and the excitement of the journey ahead brings a wistful smile to his lips, drifting ever so slowly into the other realms of the world between worlds. Sleep well for tomorrow the adventure truly begins.

…and thus the night rests as the traveller takes his seat, for it is only for the traveller that time should stand still. Morning will rise and greet the traveller strong, with a will to take another step.

The Protector : “Lay upon your bed of moss, for truly, tomorrow the adventure begins”.

written by JJ & Ludie