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Two souls stood together before the dawn of time.

They said to each other, “Let’s dance with each other throughout eternity” and with the speaking of their words the souls became united as one.

They enjoyed many years of bliss together until one day they decide to journey down to earth. Knowing they may never remember each other

from life time to life time they choose this reality nonetheless. So they shared the joy of each others presence for the last time before they finally forgot who they were as they descended down through the universe into material existence until they were born unto the world. And they journey through time forever seeking each other. Many times over and over, every time not recalling who they were, returning each time to find one another again and again, forever getting to know each other newly with each encounter.

But each time they found each other and with their coming together magic would happen. The two souls recognizing each other in the others eyes and their hearts would begin to beat as one. They would feel each other knowing and sensing the others presence no matter where they were.

Their love, timeless through the ages transcends times itself.

written by JJ