I ponder as I sit, with grass beneath my feet
Pretty birds above, they sing a tune so sweet
Speckled light filters in brightening the space
It warms my soul leaving kisses on my face
This is my special place only known to me
Where I rest and think and truly I feel free

The bustle of the city I’ve left it far behind
And the thought of toil, is never on my mind
Lazy days spent, just listening to the bees
Hanging out in nature and talking to the trees
Away from all concern, and none to upset me
This is a place of wonder and truly I feel free

All around, a scene of colour, sight and sound
And the majesty of life is always to be found
Laying back upon the grass looking to the sky
I breathe and feel it all, I let go a tiny sigh
Inspired and renewed is the effect it has on me
What more could I ask for and truly I feel free

written by JJ