Oh woe is me; does she know I exist.

As I lie and wait, are my fortunes fixed

My heart it aches to feel her gentle touch

And this love sick feeling hurts so much

Here I am my love, so small and green

In repose on a lily pad I lay and dream

If it be true, her kiss will set me free

I’m sure our true loves meant to be

Surely some other way there is to try

Instead of watching her as she walks by

But what that might be I do not know

And so today,
I’ll give it one more go

Ah, now this is a look she won’t resist

And today’s the day to set the test

Yes I sure me thinks to much, alas

does this pose just say I’ve got gas

No, I must look princely in this pose

In my mouth I should I have a rose

I wish this sick feeling would go away

And that she looks my way I’ll pray

Too late for now my princess comes

I sure to the beating sound of drums

Oh god be still my beating heart

Kiss me today before I fall apart.

written by JJ