Graveyards are the most amazing places
There is so much history in a graveyard.
I like to read the grave stones
I think from a graveyard you can tell so much about a town
I love very old graveyards

ones that are attached to a church like this one.
A lot of the ritual has been associated death and burial
throughout history we have slowly destroyed much of that ritual.
Many people have become paranoid about death
and how they will be buried.
Should I get buried, should I get cremated?
Once you’re dead what are you going to do with your body?
It’s just an empty vessel after all.
I know, it’s not a very romantic view
I think that it is more about a celebration of life,
of the life of someone who was loved and cherished
rather than mourning the loss.
Is there heaven or hell, does it matter?
I believe that is in the souls own making.
Do we have past lives or is this it?
What if I was ever in a graveyard
and I happened past a grave where I was once buried,
would I recognize it as my own?
So I look for myself whenever I visit a graveyard
just in case one day just maybe
I may find a past life of mine.

written by JJ