Grey clouds have filled the sky
It’s raining, somewhere the sun is shining.
I know it shining, but I can’t see it.
And above the clouds the sky is blue
But here the ground is wet
And the plants are happy

I’m inside my house where it’s nice and warm
But outside there are some who don’t have a home
They are all wet and miserable
Their cardboard houses are falling apart
And their bedding is soaked through
And all I do is complain about little things

I used to like jumping in puddles
But now I don’t want to get my clothes wet
I’m worried I will get a cold and get sick
So now I sit inside and just watch it rain
And think what it would be like to get wet
But I don’t because I’m grown up.

I see children outside in their raincoats
They giggle and laugh without a care
I remember when life was like that
And I think, don’t grow up too fast little ones
Because life gets too complicated when you do
Be free for just a little while longer.

written by JJ