Savage winds tore at the sails and tossed the tiny vessel. Having already lost the lives of his crew, the captain tried to save his boat from the ever hungry storm. The tempests fury held no bounds threatening to over turn the boat. Wave after wave, crashed against the wooden hull as his thoughts quickly turned to fear. A sudden lightening flash filled the sky, and the feeble mast finally succumbed to the pressure of the wind splintering in two. In an instant of panic the captain lost his footing and unable to stop fate taking its course, the falling mast clashed with his back before coming to rest on the deck below. Stumbling forward, he grasped hopelessly for anything in the attempt stop himself from falling headlong into the icy sea. But the inky black void beckon him forward only to willing to devour him.

Clouds stirred eerily in the moonless night sky as the storm eventually cleared. The lonely little ghost ship drifted, bobbing rhythmically up and down on a vast and empty expanse of water, like a broken spirit, with its mast wrecked and sails left in tatters. Not a soul left to tell the tale of the rugged storm that took the lives of all those on board. Only the vessel held the memory of that night, forever locked away in its scared and ravaged remains.

written by JJ