It feels like I’m dying when you’re not around.
Everything’s magnify to the last little sound.
I Stumble around I not sure what to do
For all that I do it has been for you.

I walk lonely streets no one is a neighbour
And to smile and say hi it is such a labour
My hat I pull down hard over my eyes
And start to run to each ones surprise.

My way somehow I make to the beach
The sand feels gritty and cold on feet
But enjoy it I won’t, without you by my side
So I run and I stumble and I’m wanting to hide.

People pass by and they’re ever so friendly
They say how do you and take my hand gently
They lead me down streets I don’t even know
While others they pass me, first to and then fro

We stop in a park that is filled up with people
They come from the church, the one with a steeple
They cheer and the laugh and through rice in the air
For two of their friends they were just married there

None of these things seems to make any sense
All this toing and froing it’s all just nonsense
I look at the groom and then on to the bride
They seem to be happy but are they inside

Then out of nowhere I’m whisked into the air
On the wings of an eagle I’m floating with flair
I try just forgetting for one little moment
That life with you had felt oh so pleasant

With yearning, a wanting, a need to be free
There is beauty and love in all now I see
For with angels I fly up in the heavens
Releasing my past along with my demons

Again now here my hand gently is taken
Should I be here, they must be mistaken
Then an angel she speak all soulful and gleaming
Relax you’re not dead you are only just dreaming

I feel myself rest with peace in my heart
And I wonder if this is only the start
To hold this feeling and stay out of my head
When I’m back in my body at home in my bed

written by JJ