While I have not seen my sister since I was young, there is a lot of raw emation felt when I read this poem. This is a really powerful poem for me and I cry every time I read it or have someone read it too me. If you have every ost someone in your life you love this poem is for you too. JJ

To my sister Maxine with love

I didn’t think you’d leave me ever
But some how it wasn’t meant forever
I thought you’d be there to the end
But I was too young to understand.

You came and went through the years
And as you did, never did I shed my tears
For your return I waited many moons
But I always knew you’d be back soon.

Little did I know fates dreadful hand
Would be something I could not withstand
Then you were gone, I don’t know why
And I never got to say goodbye.

Now time has passed and I’ve grown up
And I sit and drink from the devil’s cup
My memories of you have almost gone
And sometimes I wonder why I mourn

Some how your leaving has left me jaded
And my images of you have almost faded
You were happy and made my life brighter
Knowing you were there made my heart lighter

I know my love for you was no mistake
And the day you left my heart did break
How much I miss you, you’ll never know
And now it’s time to let you go.

So why does it hurt to say goodbye
Why does it hurt so much inside
One day you and I shall meet again
I look forward to that day my friend


written by JJ