Relax you said
Don’t rush
I don’t know how to I replied
I’ll show you you said

Why do I have to wait?
Have patience you said
I don’t want to wait
I can’t wait

You don’t want to face what you fear you said
I am afraid I can’t do it
I don’t have your patience
Nothing fazes you

Do we have to do this, cant we just stop?
You don’t have to you said
But you will be your happiest
If you do stop, but not the way you think.

I can’t stay still
I think I’ll be sick
Breath you said
And that’s all you would say.

I tried to focus, I tried to relax
I tried to be patience
Stop trying and just do, I told myself
Breath you said

I wanted everything now
I breathed
My mind shifted
I still wanted everything but I didn’t care

My head began to spin
My feet no longer touching the ground
I began to feel afraid and I fell hard
Breath you said

I can do this I thought
But why is it so uncomfortable
There must be another way
And then I saw it

I cried and my release was near
I breathed
I was floating
I wasn’t afraid

I relaxed and it happened
I shed my skin
And suddenly I emerged
You were right I was happy

I had stopped
I didn’t want anything
I didn’t need anything
I just knew who I am

You smiled
I saw the light in your eyes
Only then did I realize
It was always you

You were always there
From the beginning
Beckoning me, encouraging me
gently bringing me forth.

Here I am
I am here with you
Welcome you said
And it was then I knew you and I were one.

written by JJ