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This for all the women who have ever been taken for granted, whether you are married or in a relationship. JJ

A letter from a husband to his wife…..

You lay in bed and I kiss your check
And in your half sleep you whisper `I love you’
And I say `I do too’
I turn and go, leaving you sleeping peacefully.

You wake and I’m gone, you tend to the children’s needs
And I ride the train and read.
You dress them and make sure their fed
I log on to my workstation and get a coffee.

You wait to hear from me
And I tell you I was busy
You send me a note and say I love you
And I reply I do too.

You give up her life for your family
You give up your life for me
You go through so much
And I never see

You tend the house and prepare the tea
I log off at work, and stop by friends before I leave.
You make sure I will be happy with my meal.
I ride the train and listen to mp3’s

I arrive home you’re at the door
You smiles at me, glad I’m home
You kiss me and say I love you
And I say `mmmfff’

You call the family to dinner
and in our time we come to the table
For all your work the children say `yuck’
And I take the meal for granted

I clear the table & you clean the kitchen
I check my emails and you fold the clothes
I lie on the couch and you put the children to bed.
You read them their stories, and I watch TV

You sits beside me and snuggles up to me
I sit; I don’t hold you, I just let you snuggle close
You look at me wanting me to turn and look.
I say `I know what you’re trying to do stop it’

I fall asleep on the couch, you go to bed and leave me sleep
I wake and go to bed. I say `are you awake’
You mumble I’m tried go to sleep
I kiss your cheek and I turn away and dream.

I wake and we start it all again…….

When did I stop seeing you
When did I stop looking in your eye.
When did I forget who you are.
Why have I afraid to let you in.

You are beautiful, I miss you
I forgot how much you love me.
Will you forgive me.
Let me hold you never let me go

I love you xoxo