This tale is a story, of the little folk, I tell
Under a toadstool, at the bottom of a dell
In a world of creatures, magical and rare
Lived a lonely maiden, beautiful and fair

Hers was a charmed life, sensible and pure
A finder of oddities and all things obscure
She lives in a cottage, both comfy and airy
She is not quite a witch nor quite a fairy

Shelves full of pots of all sorts of potions
Mostly concocted from fanciful notions
Many an hour spent chanting and singing
Her hymn through the dell vividly ringing

Journeying far, her tune, caught on a breeze
In the ear of someone it tempted to please
Lost in the moment, spellbound by the tune
Someone set off by the light of the moon

Lead on all the way by spirits unseen
Our dear one did travel as if in a dream
To a maiden unknown during the night
This love sick being did hasten his flight

For true love it knows no limits or fears
Its tenet is timeless all through the years
The heavens deliberately playing a part
Bring them closer to each others heart

In flashes of light, the dell filled with bliss
Urging him forth to true loves first kiss
Poised at the ready in front of her door
Love overflowing he prepared to adore

The spirits unseen made magic that day
The door it did open showing the way
Radiance glowed throughout the room
Flowers did bud with fragrant perfume

Eyes slowly meeting in a moment of joy
The union of two, the folk would enjoy
In love did they fall, hearts beating as one
The work of the heavens was finally done

Our maiden no longer alone in the world
Her love all around, the dell it did swirl
A cottage now filled with music of two
Under a toadstool their love ever true

written by JJ