Running down empty streets
Am I searching for something lost
Or am I being chased
I have forgotten which

The moon breaks through the clouds
Reflecting awkwardly
In pools of water
Left by recent rain

Like a frightened fox
I dart in and out
From alley way to alley way
Keeping to the shadows

Afraid I’ve been seen
I stop dead still
Who’s that there
Passing by

Body rigid with fright
Muscles aching
Sore from running
Not far now I’m sure

Oh god I can’t go on
Too tired and wet
Soaked to the bone
Numb with shock

A light ahead
A familiar light
Illuminating my door
Relief I’ve made it

I was looking for something
Its home, I’m there
Only a few more yards
Do I dare reveal myself

I step boldly from the shadows
Believing I’ve made it now
Up the steps
Leading to my door.

And then the pain
I feel it rip through me
Like fire through my back
And I look down

I place my fingers to my chest
The blood is warm and sticky
I raise them to my eyes
And the sudden realization hits me

My senses are fading
As I drop to my knees
And reach for the door knob
The pain of fire hits me again

I fall to the ground
Struggling to roll to my back
And when I do
I’m stunned by the sight before me

My killer is standing over me
Menacing grin on his evil face
One last shot from his weapon
This time I know its coming

My eye close and I see nothing more
I wasn’t ready to die
I want to live
My life nearly gone

So much incomplete
I love you’s never said
Finally I pass out
I breathe my final breath

The sky breaks open
The rain pours down
Blood flow from my body
And pools at the bottom of the steps

No one to mourn me
Died the way I lived my life
All alone in the world
I’m gone, my life too short

written by JJ