I look outside my window and I see the falling rain
And I wonder if I’ll ever see the shining sun again

The rain drums a beat, against the window pane
All the while my thoughts are driving me insane

Everyone, everywhere, somehow, seem to have things better
I don’t see how they can, as I do things to the letter

Now all I see is my possessions getting ever wetter
All the while my thoughts start to make me think I’m deafer

Around me all I see, is things getting in a clutter
I try to speak my mind, but it’s nothing but a stutter

I stumble on my words and mess up everything I utter
All the while my thoughts have me sitting in the gutter

It’s funny how it seems, that the world it make no sense
Or is it that I’m feeling, more than just a little dense

Others always catch on, while I’m sitting on the fence
All the while my thoughts are getting real intense

I shout at passers by, I’m not sure it’s a helps at all
As all it does, as I can see, is make them want to bawl

Now I’m standing on a cliff edge, afraid I might just fall
All the while my thoughts are what make my life a ball

written by JJ