Birth of a Black Angel

Rising from the depths of the pits of hell

Bursting through resistant barriers of Earth

Cowering raw, unprotected and immobile

Spewing forth spawned from the seed of Satan

Awakening with visceral instincts emerging

Breathing fettered in a putrid sepulchral stench

Screaming torment by visions of misery

Agonizing acid blood filling sickening veins

Burning fire of sulphur and brim stone

Blackening heart, beating with embattled emotions

Feeding on degraded, twisted disembodied souls

Assimilating the weak and feeble minds of man

Festering in a decaying world of insurmountable hated and anguish

Birthing out of the death and destruction of life

Enduring eternally, she is born, delivered unto the earth

Everlasting, the bringer of balance to all that is good

written by JJ