The hustle and bustle of the city
Cars on streets, dirty and gritty
Buzzing frantic around the towns
Faces clocked with sullen frowns

The din of people in the street
As we all move to our own beat
Swim in thoughts yet unthinking
Or is it that they maybe sinking

People moving in a massive sea
Each one separate as can be
A chance connection if at all
Where we stand or maybe fall

Moving fast in a world uncertain
Secret lives hid behind a curtain
To our missing dreams we clutch
Wanting hoping for human touch

The family is no longer sacred
Children left exposed and naked
Mother, Father, sister, brother
Forever fight with one another

But intimacy is what we crave
While all we do is rant and rave
The family unit does get torn
Yet this madness still goes on

Is there no happy end in sight?
As all along we hang on tight
To broken dreams of our youth
And a moment of wisdom’s truth

Please don’t wait until the end
There’s an answer yes my friend
It’s in the eyes of those around
What we seek it will be found

Stop a moment and you will see
The truth is there to set you free
Be there with them for a while
What you see will make you smile

For what you see in their eye
Will also make you want to cry
What I tell here will ring true
Reflected back in them is you

Written by JJ