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It is a beautiful day outside and I think it would be a great day to go for a walk or a jog along side the harbour or maybe even across the bridge (That is if I can find my way on to it) I want to just enjoy the day with its clear blue sky and it is definitely not as cold as it was yesterday so would be perfect to get out.

The kids don’t seem to be missing me much, which is a good thing I guess. They really only miss me when I am not there to help them with something i normally would. I thought they might be counting down the calendar until I come home again on Friday night but it looks like they it is not that important. It is great that they have their lives though, they growing up and becoming more independent. I have to realize the fact that they are not always going to be around and that one day they will have moved out and have places of their own. It is easy to live our lives through our children but I think it will be so much harder to let go when they eventually do move on with there lives. Just as my parents have a very important place in my life I know that I will always have an important place in their. I don’t think we ever really stop trying to please our parents.

The week has gone really quickly and as my wife Marjo said this week next will be gone soon enough and we will see each other again. Well at least my wife and I are missing each other. I think that we have talked more to each other since I have been away than we would have if I was at home. I am realizing that there is a greater need to get a lot more interested in what is going on rather than taking things for granted.

It is time to get back into life rather than letting life happen to me which so much of how I have previously live my life. It is so easy to let life pass by and miss so much of the greatness that the world has to offer. I having grown up, I stopped delighting in the little things that can be so fascinating to children. (If you ever just want to stop for a while and see the world from a new perspective take a walk with a 2 year old) I forgot to laugh and smile and I really mean smile, letting my whole being know that I am smiling. Smile not just with my lips but from my head to my toes, lwtting the world know that I am happy.

A year seems like such a long time but looking back on my life the years have just flown by and as much as I would like to be back with my family I don’t just want this to be another passing of time. I want it to be memorable not just a counting down of days…….. So back to my children…… I am glad that for them this is not just a counting down of days. I want them to live their lives or otherwise they may just sleep through the year just waiting.

It is so easy to wait until tomorrow to do things… go for a walk.. start eating healthy… just live. But with every tomorrow another day passes and my life is not lived. Another moment missed. It is time to go enjoy the moments. Feel the sun on my face and feel it warmth on my cheeks. Then let that warm fill me.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller

I am up for the adventure. JJ