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I did not want to get out of bed this morning, this was partly due to the late hour at which I went to bed and partly because I ate late. The problem wasn’t so much that I ate late but that I ate far too much as well.

I indulged myself when I probably shouldn’t have (well actually I know it, I definitely shouldn’t have). I am a glutton for tasty food and I do have a habit of eating late and over eating. Not really healthy I know. (Must really do something about that)

I will eventually get into my stride and start to get going. I kind of wish I could have the day of just to chill and take it easy. Certainly would be a great day to sit in an alfresco cafe down by the Harbour somewhere, drink coffee and soak up the sun.

Oh well to dream is nice, to do would be better. Maybe another time. Well work calls, so I must shake a leg and look alive.