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After a little struggle to find the place, it was good to sit down and have a nice meal somewhere with such a great view.

I swear google maps is useless. It sent me on a wild goose chase in finding this place when all I had to do was walk straight out of Circular Quay walk across the street into Customs House.

Then I had an old age moment and couldn’t figure how to get up to the cafe. I could hear people upstairs but couldn’t work out how to get there. Not wanting to ask for help I finally found the lift and made my way up to the 5th floor.

I briefly stopped for pre-dinner drinks Tammy and Peter before we were escorted to the table. Every table with a view of the Harbour it didn’t really matter where we were seated.

As mush as the meal portion seemed small, the food was quite filling. To top off the meal we had a dessert platter with a little bit of everything to share with a nice apéritif to wash it all down.

Must really take Marjo here when it is just the two of us up here in Sydney. Although I think the kids would love it too. I think while they are here late this month though we may need to find a place that is not quite so pricey.

On the way out Tammy ask me if I saw the model of the Sydney in the floor when I came in. I then looked straight down at the floor, got confused again (as I always say to the kids “it doesn’t take much to confuse a monkey”), trying to look for this model. Finally I got that she meant on the floor of the foyer.

This is one thing that I will bring the children to see, seeing as it free and it is just a quick walk for the Quay. The family is only here for two days effectively and I think we will be pretty busy sight-seeing. I thought the girls should make a list of things they might like to see while here, but I think that list will get a bit long very quickly and they will only get disappointed if we don’t see everything. So I think we will wing it.

Thank you Tammy and Peter for a really great night out.