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It was my eldest Daughters birthday today. Happy Sweet 16 beautiful, not that she will probably read this.

I had to celebrate with the family via skype. So glad for skype. I was able to watch her open her presents, sing Happy Birthday and watch her blow out the candles. She only blew out one of the sixteen candles, because this is supposed to mean that she will have 15 boyfriends for the years. Wow!! She is going for more that one a month. So to any boys wishing to date her this year you will have approximately 3 weeks before she breaks your heart and dumps you to the curb for someone else. Look like she intends to leave a long line of devastation behind her.

The family is coming up next week to spend the weekend in Sydney. They are coming up for an extended celebration of Cathia’s Birthday. It will but of course be a fleeting visit. So much to see and so little time to see everything. Again not that my daughter will read this, so I have no fear of her knowing although I have not got the tickets yet and not that she will have time to do it this time she is here, but I will be getting gift ticket for her and I to climb the Harbour Bridge. She didn’t want a 16th birthday party she wanted to do something special. She thinks going to Sydney is the something special. Surprise, surprise, it is not.

She has designs on going Skydiving and also going on a Hot Air Balloon ride when she is 18. I personally will not be throwing myself out of a plane at 10000 feet so I have volunteered my wife to do that and I will be going in the Hot Air Balloon.

I am sure we have children and also celebrate theirs and our birthdays for that matter, just to remind ourselves that we are mortal and that at some stage we are going to die and that every year we are inevitably getting one step closer to death. I know that is a very pessimistic view but unfortunately I have not yet found a way to let go of the fact that I am getting older and one day I will have less days left to live than days I will have already lived. If anyone feels that they have a way for me to get past this I would love to know.

I remember when I was 16 and thought that I knew everything. Oh how naive was I. Not that I would change anything for it was all the experiences that I have had that have got me to where I am today and made me who I am. And if I could go back would I really do anything differently to what I did last time. I believe the time when I learnt most in life it was the times I was making mistakes.

I am glad that I had children and I believe children truly enrich your life. I have certainly learnt a lot about myself having children. I don’t think it is always that we are there to teach our children, it is more that our children are here to teach us.

Here is to a year if growth for both Cathia and I as we travel together forward through this journey that we call life.