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Tonight I read my children a bedtime story. I chose one I knew I could find online “The little soul and the sun”. It is a great story too, if you have never read it, it is well worth reading. It is one of my favourite stories.

My wife asked me to read the girls a story and I immediately thought “I don’t have any kids stories how will I do that”. I looked on my bedside table at the three books I had there, one on health, one on nutrition and one on raising girls, definitely not reading material for bedtime.

My middle child said she would read to the littlest one and I thought “great I can listen to her read and see how good she is going”. Well it was late and she was tired and so she struggled. I thought it better that I read instead so that was when I went to my trusty friend Google and found the story and read to them. Again Skype has come in handy, only problem was the girls were busy looking at themselves in the video and playing with the image distortion filters so I had to ask them to turn it off.I am so glad that I could read to them, it is just another way that I don’t have to miss out on being part of their lives.

So now I have been online looking for web sites where I can find children’s stories so that when I am free, I can read to them. I know tonight it made just that little bit of difference for my wife as she it gave her the time to make their beds and if I can give her just that little bit of freedom every now and then it may just feel as though I am home for a just little while.

I am also thinking I should get a book of children’s stories to keep in my work bag so that if I need to, I can read to them from work if I am running late or I can read to them on the train. I will have to get over my fear of looking silly to other commuters if I am to read on the train to them, but then I wont be the only weirdo on the train. Sydney is packed with weirdos.

I also thought that I can listen to my littlest one read to me as well and that it will give her some special daddy daughter time even though once again I am not there. This way I hope that I can fill in that time when they feel it the most that I am not there which is at night and also help with improving her reading at the same time I am really quite excited at the prospect of connecting with them this way.

Well I have some more research to do and if anyone knows of any greats site for childrens stories please let me know