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Make that two beers with dinner. I found a pub near work Maloney’s, that has a $7.95 buffet dinner with the purchase of a drink. I was going anyway but caught up with a lady who was doing a workshop in the training room at work. She drop past my door on the way out to say good-bye and see who was still around. I said I was going for dinner to Maloney’s and that they had a good deal on Tuesday nights.

We had a beer and a chat about work and family before leaving and as she was going to another workshop, so I didn’t bother asking her to join me. I popped up to the ATM and got some cash and when I arrive Anick was already there. She decide to duck past and see if the buffet would be any good. I was glad she did as it was nice to have company for dinner rather than having to eat alone.

Now as for those two beers with my meal, well that was just good fortune. I guess luck just smiled on me tonight. I ordered my meal and the till had run out of paper for the receipt. As she tended to the receipt, one of the other barmaids brought me a beer and when the girl finally handed me a receipt so I could go get my meal, she also gave me a beer. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her I already had one. Is that bad Karma to take both beers?

It is quite popular as there was quite a line up to order. The place was full of backpackers. I personally didn’t see the line so I just by-passed it and ordered ahead of everyone. I guess I just had an old age moment. Anyway the food was good. The plates were a fair enough size which was a good thing as I was only allow one serve. I was okay with my helping and I was sufficiently satisfied and couldn’t eat everything on my plate.

I was at Maloney’s a couple of Tuesdays ago with my brother and we were drinking $8 jugs of beer. Not a bad deal. I also almost choked to death on a piece of calamari while my brother watch on, vaguely concern for my well being and not really quite sure what to do. Thank god I saved myself but that is another story perhaps for another time.

Tonight I had a Hahn light (sorry two Hahn light’s) and they were or would have been $5 a peice. Now if I though I could drink it on my own I would have had a jug of beer (would have been a better deal on the beer). As it was Anick already had a glass of wine so couldn’t really suggest having a jug to her, well possible I could have but I didn’t, plus she had the workshop to lead. Any way it was a nice night and I enjoyed the food and the company. Looks like Tuesday is now going to officially buffet and beer night.