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In a panic Marjo calls me and says “I missed the exit and we are in North Sydney”.

“Not to worry”, I said. “I will catch a train out there and drive you to the motel”.

It was the first time I had been on a train across the Harbour bridge since I was eight. I must say it was a bit exciting but I couldn’t see a thing out the window of the train so it was a bit of a fizzer.

I met Marjo and the girls at Kirrabilli where they were eating fish and chips for dinner. I had a little myself before heading to the car and off to the motel.

I decided to take a quick detour past Luna Park so the girls could see that and they had ants in their pants and were getting all fidgety and excitable because every where they looked they saw something new they had never seen before.

Finally we made our way to Edgecliff. I decided to not take the Harbour Bridge as their was a toll into town. Well that was a mistake as I started taking the long route to the motel. Twenty Five kilometres and something like five bridges latter we were in the city. I don’t think the girls shut up the whole way and if you ever have driven anywhere new before with kids making a ruckus in the back set of the car you will know how I was feeling. Thank god I had a GPS.

After finally navigating the city and on the last leg of the drive I realised their was no music on in the car and that if I put some on they might settle down. Bingo it worked.

The GPS announced your destination is in 600m on the left hand side and then we saw it………. “G Motel” the sign out the front happily broadcast to the world.

After almost destroying the car coming into the car park, we went to reception and got a room key. We had a 2nd floor room at the front of the motel and I didn’t real expect much of the room and it is as motel room go okay.

What was most exciting, and I know I am being childish and I don’t care, we were as I exclaimed “Right near the G spot”. Right outside our window was the illuminated letter G. Just had to get the camera out and take some photos.



Well I found the “G Spot”, how exciting for me. I could just reach out side the window and touch it. No wonder men all around the world struggle to find it, LoL, that’s because it’s outside a motel window in Edgecliff.

Okay all kidding aside, it was nice to see my family again and I never expected to have one of those Airport moments in the street under Milsons Point Train Station, for as soon as my girls saw me, they come running up the street and leaped into my arms. So exciting and unexpected a which made it all the more enjoyable.

There are blue skies this morning and I hope it stays that way all weekend. I am really looking forward to a great weekend exploring Sydney with my family. First stop Bondi Beach.