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Well at least I am not flying this weekend. What chaos there must be at the airports at the moment with Qantas cancelling their flights. I feel for those people trying to get home to family this weekend.

I just can’t believe that they’re doing it to be honest. I’m at a loss.

Stranded Qantas passenger

Video: Qantas grounds all flights (7pm TV News NSW)

There are always two sides to a story and I have learnt that it is always important to see things from the other side. Narrow minded thinking is how arguements, disputes and even wars start in the first place.

I am a bit tired of everybody blaming Alan Joyce for this predicament. It is so small picture and small thinking. Yes the guy earns a lot of money and yes a lot of people have been left stranded. But at least the guy came out and spoke publicly himself knowing that he would cop the backlash from the public and look like the bad guy. I think it takes a big man to come out and announce the decision the Qantas executive came to. At least it has finally got the Federal Government involved and with that we will come to a swifter conclusion to the dispute as a result. I think we should look at both side of the argument before we go lynching anyone. I see everyone is blaming Alan Joyce for this and calling for his resignation however I don’t hear anyone blaming the Trade Unions or asking for any of their heads to resign.

There must be more to this and I would be interested to know how justified the Trade Unions are in their argument and is what they are asking for fair and not some unrealistic demand. For Qantas to decide to lose $20 million dollars day on their terms to end this quickly rather than lose $15 million a week every week over the next six month to avoid giving in to the Trade Union demands says they have serious concerns as to the viability of implementing their proposed pay increases.

Video: Aviation writer discusses Qantas grounding (7pm TV News NSW)

I think it is important to know both sides of a story before going in and blaming someone for what is going on. Who is right and who is wrong is hard to say unless you have all the facts. Is it in convenient? Absolutely. Is it effecting the public? Definitely. Why do you think that the Trade Unions decided on strike action in the first place. It disrupts operations and causes loss of profits to the company. So it is their hoped intention that they (The Trade Unions) will cause the company (Qantas) to cave in quickly. They also know that it will effect the public, but to do rolling stoppages wont effect the public too much and therefore they don’t end up looking like the bad guys because after all aren’t they just trying to get a fair salary and work agreement for the Qantas employees? Who wouldn’t want that right? But are the demands fair? Was Alan Joyce’s pay increase fair? I think we need to take time to look at the over all picture before we decide that.

This is not a matter of who is right and who is wrong, this is a matter of what is workable and what is not workable. In the end the Qantas bosses thought that the demands were untenable.

They are trashing our strategy and our brand. They are deliberately destabilising the company and there is no end in sight.

Alan Joyce

They also felt that without this course of action there would be systematic cut backs until Qantas was at 1/2 its operation. In the long run what is better? Giving into to the trade action or massive loss of job and a culling of over 1/2 of one of Australia’s major icons. Take some time to think about it. What would you have done if you were in Alan Joyce’s shoes?

That’s just my thoughts for what they are worth.