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I woke this morning to a beautiful day outside and all was good with the world. The men had not yet begun completing work on the path they had begun to lay a couple of days earlier.
Then at about 7.00 am the workers turned up and started pulling up pre-laid boards for the rest of the path they were putting through the park and at approximately 7.10 am I heard the sound of a digger in the park. Then at around 7.15 am I heard the first loud crack. I looked out the window and to my dismay the tree they joked about knocking down two days before was being knocked down. I could only watch in horror as the tree was destroyed. I was left thinking of the Counting Crows song “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”.
Out my Window - November 11th 2011 by therainbowfish
Out my Window - November 11th 2011 by therainbowfish
As I was leaving for work I was curious to ask were they replacing the tree as I thought the rule was if a tree is taken down it has to be replaced. The worker I spoke to said he didn’t know.
He said vaguely point a general direction of some other workers “You have him to thank”. I must have given him a confused look as he said “No, him next door”. He went on further to say, “We just heard this morning that everything had changed, we were expecting to go around the tree. I don’t know who he knows at the council but he didn’t like the purple flowers falling on his lawn. He even wants the path redirected”.
What an a*$hole. I can understand a whole community up in arms but one guy. There was not even anything wrong with the tree. Mind you this is the same pr*@k that chucks his garden waste over the fence into the park. Well I hope he is happy because I know I am not. I was waiting to take a photo of the blanket of purple flowers on the ground. Now I don’t get that chance.
Out my Window - November 11th 2011 by therainbowfish
I hope they plant a new tree and I hope it is another Jacaranda. If not I am going to ask the council can I plant one and I will be sure to make it a Jacaranda. Then I will direct my thoughts to it growing as fast as possible and drop its pretty purple flowers all over his lawn again. I know that’s spiteful but I just can’t find myself directing positive thoughts his way just yet.