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Into the Unknown

The tears I have cried
Rivers and streams
The torrents so wide
Feelings extreme
No where to hide
I run to my dreams

No end in sight
I look to the sun
Burning so bright
I run and I run
Fearful in flight
I’m coming undone

The pain will move on
As sure as can be
And when it gone
Filled up with glee
No longer forlorn
There’ll be a new me

So don’t be afraid
For I’ll be alright
This life I’ve made
As day turns to night
Strength never to fade
Will fill up with light

My journey’s in view
The seed I have sowed
I know if only I knew
What lay down the road
My path would be true
And lightened my load

As my future unravels
With visions I’m shown
To reveal little marvels
By the winds I’ll be blown
Always forward in travels
To destinations unknown

written by JJ

Try to smile – a smile will help you live longer