I lie awake and I dream, the summers sun light warms my face.
Thoughts come and go, my heart beat quickens.
I fall into the depths of my mind, a place I know too well.
The air is brisk and the wind blows through me.
My mind; haunted by images of beauty.
The setting sun hangs low; and sets the sea ablaze.
There is fire in my eyes, my heart now pounding in my chest.
The world reflected in the turmoil that resides within me.
Thoughts racing in and out, I try to capture one,
just to see what lies within it.
Whirling round, spinning, unable to stop,
wanting to stay on, wanting to get off.
Inspiration abound. I am alive.
Breathing in and out……….

I lie awake and I dream, the summer sun light warms my face.
At peace within, finally I rest, and begin to dream at last,
She’s there again; I’m drifting as I follow her silhouette.
The thought of her intoxicating, I’m captivated. Who is she?
Now I’m falling, floating, sinking.
Time is short until I wake again.
Breathing in and out………

I lie awake and dream, the summer sun warms my face.
I see a sparkle of sun light, and in the dew, on a rose petal
I see her reflection, but when I turn she isn’t there.
Is she the morning rose that glistens in the eternal sun
or just a passing memory?

Written by JJ