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So this the first in a new set of pictures in this series “Out my window”. The view is not quite the same but there are a lot of things that I can photograph. It is a bit hard to get the whole view out my window, however it isn’t anything really exciting like a city view. I am sure if there was a really good view the rent would have been higher.

It has been raining quite heavily since last night and it rained up until around mid morning. Now that it has stopped it means that if I want to go for a walk down to the shops I can. Earlier it was a bit too heavy to go for a walk even with an umbrella.

It is still quite cool for summer and for all my worry that I would not be able to handle the summer here, it hasn’t been too bad.

I can hear a lot more road noise here as I am higher up but this also means better TV reception. I won’t hear the planes going over head as I am no longer in the flight path of Sydney airport. I can hear the clock from the town hall going off on the hour, however by me it goes off 3 minutes early every time. I think they need to adjust this, Lol.

Here is to a change and a new outlook. I hope you enjoy the new photos “Out my window” that I shall be posting.