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There are many stars up in the sky
I think of you as they catch my eye
Full of beauty rich in splendour
Wondrous as your love so tender

I wish we could run away somehow
I know you don’t understand right now
As I watch over you with love and care
A day without you is a day without air

My heart beat pulses rises and soars
The fire burning inside me wildly roars
I want for what I know can not be
A wild desire that longs to be free

In a shifting universe never static
Forever expanding always automatic
Open to lessons that I’m learning
Teaching spirits inner yearning

For where we go we will not know
But everyday were sure to grow
Strength to strength on path unknown
Seed of wisdom have been sown

What life has in store we do trust
And life in faith til turned to dust
Never to look back with sorrow
Nor looking forward to tomorrow

This day by design will unfold
With future stories yet untold
In my mind I’m there with you
For just one chance to create anew

written by JJ ©