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Back in Melbourne again.

I ended up missing my flight last night. It was due to a culmination of several things that caused this to happen.

I took my time leaving work and didn’t know my actual flight time. I only had an idea of the time. I arrived at the train station and instead of buying a ticket from the machine I waited in line which meant I missed the the couple of trains leaving in the next 3 minutes which would have well and truly had me arrive on time. Then while waiting for my train an announcement came that the train I was waiting for was running 13 minute late. I then had to decide between a train due in 8 minutes and an express train running 11 minutes later. I picked the wrong one. Should have waited for the express and I would have made it.

As it was I was just a several minutes late and check in was closed. Dame Tiger and their closing check in 45 minutes prior to the flight.

So I race to the gate in the hope to get checked in at the gate, even though I had a feeling this would be useless. I caught the check in girls on the way to the gate and asked would they be able to check me in. They said no and that is how I knew I just missed them. They said they had closed check in late too. Dagnabit!! No use arguing with them and accepting their answer I high tailed it back to the sales desk first for Jetstar even though I knew their flights were full, just in case they had a cancellation. Alas to no avail.

I had prechecked on the train who had flights and prices prior to my arrival at the airport. I skipped Virgin Airlines as I knew Qantas had the cheaper flights. Next problem was I was at T2 and I need to be at T3, so I made haste through the carpark to T3.

I was getting home last night no matter the cost. I got booked on a flight that was to leave 10 minutes after my Tiger flight and I still had time before check in closed.

Wow, what a night. I had myself a little adventure. I hope I don’t do that again. I will make sure next time I know my flight time earlier in the day and I leave at an appropriate time from work to get me to the airport on time so as to avoid the same thing happening again.

Most important thing is I got home and today I got to spend the whole day with my family.