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Today we drove from Melbourne to Canberra. It’s not a big drive in the scheme of things but it was long enough. We were on the road for approximately 7 hours and the kids were a tad restless and they were at each other a little bit, but well behaved for the most part. For them we couldn’t get there soon enough as we have a spa room and they wanted to get in the spa.

We are staying in Canberra for too nights before heading on to Sydney where we will stay for 3 days before making our way back to Melbourne.

I am very much looking forward to visiting Old Parliament House and spending time down by Lake Burley Griffin. this is our first time in Canberra. We haven’t seen much as yet as it was early evening by the time we arrived and the sun had set.

This is the view outside our hotel window. While playing with light in the picture I caught a couple walking thought the picture.

Looking forward to a some fun exploring tomorrow.