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We arrived back in Sydney over night and have checked into our accommodation. Due to our late arrival we found a note at the front door with instructions on how to get to our room and our room configuration. It was all a bit of an adventure actually.

Due to a plumbing problem with our original room we now divided over 3 rooms. The two eldest girls love it, as they each get a room to themselves. I am sure they will remember this experience for a long time to come.

I have already had tours of their rooms, not that there is much to see really and the littlest one has been to visit her big sisters. It is all so exciting for them, and as they have their own rooms  and there is just a little extra peace and quite for my wife and I. Ah…… the sound of silence and no arguing or fighting….. such bliss.

I have to go into work today (well I don’t really have too, but I have said I will), we have a national sales meeting and I want to be there for it. During that time my eldest daughter is going to go see one of her very special friends who she has not seen in a while. Then later this evening we will be going out with everyone from work for out first team dinner (I am very much looking forward to that).

So I think it is time to look alive as there are still things I would like to do this morning before the day gets too far away from us.