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Carey’s Cave is a very little known cave located in Wee Jasper about three and a half hours from Sydney and about an hour and a half from Canberra. The tour of the cave is thoroughly enjoying and our guide Geoff was not only informative but highly entertaining as well.

Geoff has been taking tours through the cave now for 20 years and has he has his own unique brand of humour. I learned a lot of interesting information about caves that I had never know before and was particularly taken by a cave formation Geoff like to call “bacon” for it obvious resemblance to the aforementioned food. I won’t go into its formation here as I will leave that to Geoff to explain when you visit the cave in the future.

The tour is inexpensive and very family friendly. There are only a few stairs into the cave itself and from there on the cave floor is very flat. Depending on the size of the tour group this will determine the approximate length of the tour. Geoff make the tour fun for both adults and children alike (even my teenager children said they had a good time).

I have included a slide show of the cave here only to give you a taste of what the cave has to offer. I do not want to go over board with photos as it is my desire to entice you to visit the cave yourself and take away your own memories as we did.

The drive into Wee Jasper is quite spectacular, however I do recommend making your way to the cave from Yass as the road is sealed and the road from Tumut is mainly a dirt road/track and is not to be driven by the faint hearted. I would recommend taking this road however if you have 4wd or you don’t mind driving off the beaten path as once again the countryside is beautiful.

The countryside around the cave is just as picturesque as the cave itself, so bring your camera and take your time so your can fully take in the scenery from the Murrumbidgee River, Goodradigbee River, Mountain Creek and the Wee Jasper surrounds.

Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it, I am sure you won’t disappointed.