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Happy Easter Everyone!!

We arrived home in Melbourne in the wee hours of Easter morning. It was nice to be home and even better to fall into my own bed.

We spent the afternoon at Carey’s Cave which I will write more about later when I post some photos.

We had lunch in Wee Jasper, where we went to the local pub and got pizza. If you are ever in Wee Jasper I would recommend you do not buy food at the pub. The words rip off come to mind immediately. We paid $18 for a pizza which was obviously a $5 supermarket pizza heated up in an oven and served in a pizza box.

We didn’t get away for the cave until just on dusk and I decided to take a dirt road to save time and about 1 km in I was feeling I had made a bad decision. Much to my wife’s dismay we continue to venture forward as she held on for grim death……..

In conclusion to our adventure we obviously made it through the 30 odd kilometres of dirt road safely as I am here to tell the tale this morning in this blog entry however not without casualty……….

Our poor muffler sustained an injury and for the rest of the journey we sounded like a rev head with the noise emanating from a possible hole or loose connection somewhere in the exhaust system (hopefully it is something I can fix myself)

Let it be said though that it will be a long while before I will be allowed to travel down a dirt track in the car with my family, especially at night.

This mornings Easter egg hunt is now complete, Easter breakfast is done and the children are getting a sugary overdose and I am sure by the end of the day they will be completely ratty and driving us up the wall. But would it be Easter with children if this were not so?………

I don’t think so. That’s all part of the fun of Easter right?