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Today is the last day of my holidays and rather the fly home in the morning and go straight to work from the airport tomorrow, I have decided it would be better after an extended time away from Sydney, for me to go home and touch home base before returning to work. When I was home for Christmas I went flew out on the Monday and as strange as it may sound, all I wanted to do all day was go home (lesson learnt).

I have been gearing myself up for going home and getting my mind back into gear for work. It would be so lovely to be able to go to work tomorrow in Melbourne tomorrow so that I can come home and be with my family. I find I am fine though when I am in Sydney, but it is difficult to be away from my family for so long. It is much easier when I am away because I am more focused toward work and I must say I have switched off from work during the last two weeks and I now have to switch my work brain on again.

I really am over flying. I never thought I would say that, but I suppose it is not like I am not flying to some exotic location for holidays every fortnight. Of course it is not the flight home to Melbourne that is the problem, I always enjoy making my way home. It is the flight home to Sydney that has me dragging my feet. Early Monday morning alarm to catch a flight to be at work on time. I would fly out Sunday night except that it shortens my stay and I want to be with my family for as long as I can.

I am going Shopping this morning for new work shoes as my work shoes had died. There is nothing like leaving things to the last minute. The rest of the family are going to church with Oma and Opa who are over to celebrate our middle daughter’s birthday which is on Tuesday. Unfortunately I will not be here for her birthday so we will have a little celebration for her today where she will open the present I bought for her. I think at the moment she thinks we have forgotten.

Melbourne has put on beautiful weather for my last day, not that I am going to have much opportunity to do a lot today, although I would rather be just relaxing rather than being traipsing around shopping. If I end up going by myself which it looks like I will, I think I will go get myself a coffee at a cafe and sit outside and soak up some sun.