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Nice day for a walk by therainbowfish
Nice day for a walk, a photo by therainbowfish on Flickr.

Project Photo Me

Wow, I can’t believe I backed up from yesterday’s swim with a 14km walk today. First time around the cove was easy, the second not so easy. Half way around the second time I didn’t think I could do it. Lol, too late to change my mind.

Problem was the car was on the other side of the cove and unlike my swim yesterday where I could have just stopped at any time, today I had to make it all the way back. Of course I did, or otherwise I would not be here writing.

This photo is of me feeling very weak at the knees and in desperate need for some water. I have a long way to go yet to get to being able to run a 42km marathon. But it is a great start to getting myself fit and healthy.

This photo is also a part of a series called “Project Photo Me” which I have only just started, where I take a photo of myself everyday in different situations. My concern at the moment is that most of the photos will be of me in my work uniform at work, which I thought might be quite boring. I guess time will tell how interesting they all are. So for now I am taking photos on the weekends rather than every day. The idea is to ask other people to take my photo rather than taking selfies and post photos how I look and am, rather than picking and choosing photos I think might make me look my best. Hence I have not made most of the pictures public at the moment only this one. As I become more comfortable with the idea I will begin to make more of them public.

I would be interested to get the thoughts of other people on the idea and whether I am just being overly self-critical of myself and much too worried about what other people think by not posting more of the pictures. It is only new to me and I guess ultimately the thought behind the idea is that this exercise has me get over myself and my fear of what others think. So what do you think?