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ANZAC Day by therainbowfish
ANZAC Day, a photo by therainbowfish on Flickr.

Project Photo Me

Today I was invited by my flat mate to go with her and her friends for a picnic. This was a very different picnic than the usual ANZAC Day picnics I have previously been to.

As my flat mate is Indonesian, today’s picnic had an Indonesian theme. We had a steam boat picnic. There was a gas burner in the centre of the picnic table where all the ingredient were place and when the soup was ready we all helped ourselves to the yummy contents of the pot and it was very delicious indeed.

Half way to where we were going I realised I had left my SD card in my computer at home I so was not going to be able to take any pictures. Doh!! Lucky for me one of my flat mates friends had a spare SD card. Very lucky indeed, I was not sure up until that time what to do with myself without being able to take photos. I was feeling a bit lost.

Later that day we went to see the Blow Hole in Kiama. Unfortunately it was not doing much of anything. Possibly because it was low tide or because the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. I said may be it was because the blow hole needed Viagra. Lol.

Then that night we went back to one of the friends places and we had more steam boat. So glad I accepted the invitation to go. I hope I get invited to the next steam boat picnic.