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At the Airport Again.

Another early morning rise. Then quickly getting ready to make it to the airport for a 6.40am flight.

Where did the weekend go. It always seems to go so much quicker when I am at home this the family. I feel I achieved nothing but it was a great weekend all the same. I did not exercise like I wanted. My excuse i wanted to spend as much time as possible with the family. Isn’t it funny how we sabotage ourselves and our plans.

With April over I am looking forward to a massive month ahead at work in May. All the parts are falling in place and May is going to be our Month to shine. I am also looking forward to adding a new addition to the team this month and then again hopefully next month as well.

I have about six books to read this month to catch up on the back log of books I bought or have been given. Looks like I will be doing just a little reading every night before sleep and on the train to work etc. It is my aim to read one PMA book a month. I believe it is just as important to feed the mind as it is to feed the body. So guess what I am going to do now?