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Inside this mind a tangle web
Thoughts a tide flow and ebb
A jungle full, imagination wild
Grow within a frightened child

Stranded here and full of doubt
Lost and confused no way out
Trodden down and hypnotised
Innocence of youth is paralysed

Nowhere to go for any hope
Somehow I’ve learn to cope
Me alone to unearth the way
Temptation can lead me astray

I know that not all hope is gone
It’s always dark before the dawn
For now I found my light within
My true adventure can begin

Inside there’s fear I can’t erase
But it is something I can face
Breaking free constraints of old
Ready to face this life untold

My freedom but a leap of faith
A gentle voice tells me I’m safe
I close my eyes I take a breath
To think how close I was to death

So much ahead for me to lose
And now it is my life I choose
A chance to live and fall in love
I thank my guardians up above

written by JJ