Before I Die

First of all I would like to acknowledge that this idea was taken with permission from the pages of Unsane Beyond Sanity. Thank you so much for letting me copy you, as I think this is a great idea.

Things I want to do before I die: (List still and always under construction).

  1. Go Hang-gliding
  2. Buy an Audi
  3. Go Scuba-diving
  4. Travel to Europe. (Holland in particular)
  5. See all my children get married (should they choose to)
  6. Complete a full Ironman Triathlon
  7. Publish a Book
  8. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  9. Go up in a hot-air balloon
  10. Complete a 10000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  11. Marry my Soul-mate.  ✔
  12. Go Raw
  13. Go on an Ocean Cruise
  14. Watch all 7 Star Wars movies back to back.
  15. Travel the Great Ocean Road (Australia)  ✔
  16. Visit every State in Australia
  17. Go to Parliament House Canberra   ✔
  18. Holiday in New Zealand with my wife (no children)
  19. Visit Niagara Fall  ✔
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
  21. Swim with Dolphins

(If anyone has any suggestions or feels they can assist me in any way to complete my list, please let me know)


3 thoughts on “Before I Die”

  1. You are already married to your soulmate. Love Mum

  2. travel the Netherlands…you will love it!

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